Dog of the Yearshow

Pleun (Bernis van Jagthuis Gerven) selected by the last 6 of breedinggroup 6.

Puppies 4 weaks

Puppies born 19/08/2022.

6 weaks pregnancy

Pleun pregnant, puppies expected around 20/21 of august.

Ultrasound image above 2 amniotic sacs, totally counted 6 amniotic sacs.

Pleun has been mated by Abe (Szawir Sfora Nemroda) 19/06/2022.Owner Herwi Hoenink.

Bayers in Austria

Holiday in Austria, hiking through the mountains and cooling off in the lake.

Pleun champion

Also third in breed group 6, with this qualified for the Dog of the Year Show.