Van Jagthuis Gerven.


Our house is situated in the idyllic outskirts of Putten. The kennel name, Van Jagthuis Gerven, was chosen because our home is located on the grounds of the former hunting estate – the Gerven estate. “Jagthuis” is Dutch for hunting estate. We currently have 3 Bavarian Mountain hounds and 2 Standard Smooth Dachshunds. We live in an area with numerous opportunities for walking, cycling and training with our dogs. Depending on the abilities of the dogs, we follow various training courses. The primary concern being that it should be fun for both dog and owner.

Occasionally we decide to have a litter with one of our dogs provided proven suitable for breeding. The purpose of breeding is to either keep a puppy for ourselves or to provide a nice housemate for others. The puppies stay with us until they are 8 weeks old. After 8 weeks of age they may then go to their new homes. They come  vaccinated, dewormed and identity chipped.  In additionthe pups have a FCI pedigree certificate, DNA profile and a European passport. We adhere to the rules of the Association Breeding Regulations of the Dutch Brakken- en Dachshund Club.

Brief history.

During my veterinary studies I completed some weeks of work experience at various well known top breeding kennels in the Netherlands.  The Daschund Kennel  “ Van de Hensbergen” belonging to Ms. van Breukelen and Abedars/Hermelshoeve kennel belonging to Mr and Mrs Nijhuis. From that time on, I knew that if ever I were to have my own dog, it would be a dachshund!

This wish came into fulfilment when I found a job which allowed me to take a dog to work. Hopper, a Chocolate Tiger Standard Smooth Dachshund, was our first dog! When we moved to the idyllic outskirts of Putten with space for more dogs, Kaatje, our Standard Smooth tigered Dachshund and Noa, our Irish Wolfhound, arrived.

We bred our first ever two litters with Kaatje. From those litters we kept Guusje. Guusje had a good nose for detective work and because of her talent,  we started with scent hunting training. Tragically we lost Guusje  when she went missing during a training.

At the scent hunting training, we came into contact with the Bavarian Mountain Hound (Bayerischer Gebirgsschweisshund.) and as a result, we got our first Bayerischer, Olly. Olly was bred by Kennel van het Molenhout. When we started breeding with her, we decide to apply for our own kennel name (Van Jagthuis Gerven).

We kept Nord and Pleun from the two successive litters. Twirre came in 2016 bred by Herman Nijhuis (Van de Hermelshoeve).  Fien we kept from Twirre’s second litter.